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Here's a bit of reading and watching material to get your Monday off to the right start...


Cook It Raw released a trailer for its latest installment in South Carolina. For those not familiar with Cook It Raw, it gathers together some of the most talented Chefs in the world together to discuss a variety of issues as they apply to food, with the event culminating in a large meal, to which each Chef contributes one drool-worthy dish.


The New York Times did a great piece about Roy Choi, one of the OGs of the food truck craze and creator of the K-Taco, and his recently released memoir and cookbook.


Alchemy Restaurant's own Ricardo Heredia won the Bacon category of the World Food Championships in Las Vegas last week. Check out his profile here...


Perennial local and national brewing powerhouse Lost Abbey is known for its Belgian influences, but in the next few weeks, don't be surprised if you suddenly find their new IPA, Merry Taj, on the tap list at your local beer bar.


Wondering how to cook that turkey for Thanksgiving? Want to try a different way of using that turkey fryer you bought a few years ago that doesn't involve buying (and eventually disposing of) five gallons of cooking oil? Check out part one and two of Alinea in Chicago's world-renowned Chef and owner working through some different techniques and twists on dishes for the upcoming holiday, and how you can potentially apply them in your home.


Lastly, if you are interested in helping the relief efforts for Typhoon Haiyan, local group Gawad Kalinga offers a means to help by sending food packs to help the thousands of people in need in the Philippines.

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