Barbara McQuiston


Food is my passion. Good food, fresh food, healthy food has to be one in the same.

Culinary curiosity has taken me into food markets around the world and exotic adventures in my own kitchen. The first part of my professional life involved a global career in aerospace all the while my heart remained in the kitchen feeding friends and family with healthy, wonderful creations. Having gluten allergies to contend with, aging family members, and a desire to provide cuisines to be savored by all, creative, tasty, healthy solutions are always being sought. Learning wonderful culinary delights and amassing a greater understanding of the challenges feeding our families in sustainable, fit and fun ways and sharing this with you is now my professional life’s goal.

I graduated from San Diego Culinary Institute, trained in local restaurants, and live for the next San Diego farmer’s market surprise ingredients! Our local community here is blessed with tremendous food abundance, but our busy lives leave us with limited time for hands-on food appreciation. My goal is to provide an inviting environment for you to ignite and explore your own culinary curiosity in warm, welcoming and educational ways.

Share the curiosity, share the good times, and feed your passion. Follow the fork.

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