Leslie Myers

Leslie Myers has been racing triathlons since 2002, and is the chef-owner of Foodsense, Now; a company devoted to the education and production of healthy, whole food cuisine. A self-proclaimed “qualitarian” of food and graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, Leslie teaches cooking classes and corporate wellness in Southern California; advises athletically-minded people on “mindful, not militant” approaches to their diets and caters events featuring healthy, vibrant food. She has appeared on CW6 San Diego Living program, instructed cooking classes and events at venues throughout San Diego for many years, has contributed to Triathlete magazine and writes about food and triathlons on her website www.foodsensenow.com.

She strongly believes that a proper diet is a large part of the equation in athletic performance and she works one-on-one with athletes to customize and fine-tune their individual diets in order to achieve optimal results. Leslie is a seven-time Hawaii Ironman qualifier and multiple Ironman Age Group champion. When she is not cooking and racing triathlons, she can be found out and about in North County or at Dog Beach with her husband, Geoff, and their two dogs, Tempo and Skye.

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