Shinae Choi Robinson

Growing up in a Korean-Vietnamese household with restaurateur parents, I learned to appreciate and cook a wide variety of Asian dishes from early childhood. Then through marriage, travel, and a sense of culinary adventure, I learned to love and cook all kinds of other amazing dishes from all over the world.
Pair that with being a mom of three (two teens and a little one), and you get my overall approach to cooking: globally-inspired recipes with a practical, accessible twist. Enough variety to keep things interesting, but with a palate-friendly flair so family and friends can truly enjoy the food you make while still learning and trying something new.
I've been featured by the Union Tribune for my work in online culinary instruction, and you can find me sharing my recipes at my blog Chez Shinae as well as encouraging other home cooks to share their delicious recipes at, a global leader in recipe sharing.
I look forward to helping you discover and re-create a world of delicious, healthful, and balanced global flavors when we cook together at The Curious Fork!