Sonja Knowles

Sonja Knowles, while a native of San Diego, spent the summers of her childhood in Germany. In the morning, accompanied by her mother and grandmother, she would make the shopping rounds to the butcher shop, bakery, vegetable stands, and neighbor’s house for fresh eggs.

She admired the dedication everyone had to their culinary craft experiencing the freshness and quality of the food that resulted. She continued this at home in San Diego exploring the local farmers markets for fresh, new and exciting ingredients, and finding great joy in cooking at home for herself and family.  

Wanting to spread her joy of cooking for other’s, Sonja teamed up with her mother and began a farmer’s market stand bringing traditional German pastries to Del Mar. She continued to expand her knowledge about food and health graduating from San Diego State University with a bachelors degree in Foods and Nutrition.  She now enjoys creating gluten-free baking and pastry delights at The Curious Fork, continually sharing with others her curiosity and enjoyment of food, fun and health. 

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