Knife Skills Class: Hands-On, with Kurt Waefler, August 12


Saturday, August 12

Your knife skills are the first place to start when beginning your adventure in cooking. Knowing how to carefully hold and wield the blade will allow you to create accurate and uniform cuts that will enhance the appearance of your presentations and provide even cooking. Keeping and maintaining your blade is fundamental knowledge for your kitchen, and in this class, our Chefs will show you how to keep your knives sharp and your knife skills sharper!

In this hands-on class, you'll learn the classic French knife cuts, and their applications, including julienne, bâtonnet, brunoise, dicing, and mincing. 

Please bring a sharp chef's knife, apron, and wear closed toe shoes. 
This is a hands-on class limited to 24 people. 

This Hands-On class will be taught  at our Solana Beach location.



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