The Basics of Sushi: Hands-On with Katherine Emmenegger, September 23


Katherine Emmenegger
Director of Culinary Education, The Curious Fork
Saturday, September 23

Have you ever wanted to prepare homemade sushi for your friends and family?  Or have an interactive party where your guests make their own rolls?  In this hands-on class, you will learn the fundamentals of sushi, from the perfect rice to the basic styles of rolls, and how to incorporate your own creativity. You will learn what tools are needed to create the best quality end result so you'll have the confidence to make sushi at home!

Rice Preparation
Gunkanmaki (battleship)
Rolls-Hosomaki and Uramaki (inside out roll)
Temaki (handroll)

This hands-on class is limited to 16 people.  Please bring an apron and wear closed toe shoes.

This hands-on class will be taught by Katherine Emmenegger, Director of Culinary Education at The Curious Fork.  Please bring an apron and wear close-toed shoes.


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