Summer Water Bath Canning: Hands-On with Katherine Emmenegger, June 6


Tuesday, June 6, 6:30-8:30PM

In our canning and preserving class, you will learn to create wonderful and versatile canned goods from your favorite fruits and vegetables. You’ll learn the differences between jams and jellies, applications for both, principles for using pectin, some basics on canning foods, and more! Whether they’re for personal use or for gifts, making your own preserved goods is easy and rewarding, so join us at The Curious Fork to learn more and start canning in your home!

Samples of all items made will be offered.  You will receive printed copies of all recipes and a jar of your creations to take home! 


Strawberry-Orange Marmalade

Sweet Pickle Relish

Spicy Pepper Jelly

This class will be taught by Chef Katherine Emmenegger at our Solana Beach Location.


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