Vegan and Vegetarian Corner with Tina Malka, June 7


Instructor:  Tina Malka

Wednesday, June 7

6:30 to 8:30PM

Come learn how to cook healthy, plant-based home meals for family and friends. Expand your culinary artistry with creative menus and recipes while enjoying how to prepare a number of new seasonal dishes each month. Beginners and seasoned home chefs will enjoy the creative dishes and baking from attending our monthly vegan/vegetarian corner class with this demonstration and hands-on dynamic cooking class.

A new and delicious menu will be presented each month!  You won't want to miss a single class!


Tomato and Cannelli Bean Soup

Shiitake Green Garbanzo Patties with Herbed Aioli over Roasted Carrots

“Cookie Dough” Dip

Aquafaba Chocolate Mousse

Rose Water Meringues

Vegan French Macarons: Earl Grey and Lemon


These excellent Vegan and Vegetarian Corner classes are offered the first Wednesday of each month taught by Tina Malka at our Solana Beach location.



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